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I’ve just rebuilt my website (and added a blog) after losing my previous site through the collapse of MobileMe and iWeb. Probably a good thing, as it was due for a refresh anyway, but frustrating that Apple so unceremoniously shut down these services, only to hang a tacky image of a swinging sign reading “Mobile Me is Closed”, where sites once stood. After searching for alternatives, I landed on WordPress as a viable alternative: More flexible in many respects, but not without it’s challenges! I have to grade it low on intuitive use, even though I was able to figure most things out eventually, navigating the complex and oddly worded menus to create more website than blog, understanding unique image requirements, and deciphering best ways to embed links. Case in point: One would think to toggle a site between private and public, you would find a simple privacy option under “Settings”, rather than Settings / Reading / Site visibility: “Allow search engines to index this site”, which apparently by checking turns you public. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with the result. A good option for those of us not of programming mind and skills.. and hey, for free, who can complain?


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