Bruce Hanington


This is a sample of my publications. For a complete list, please see my curriculum vitae.

Hanington, Bruce & Martin, Bella. Universal Methods of Design: 100 Ways to Research Complex Problems, Develop Innovative Ideas, and Design Effective Solutions. Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers, 2012.

Scupelli, Peter & Hanington, Bruce. An Evidence-Based Design Approach for Function, Usability, Emotion and Pleasure in Studio Redesign. Design Research Society International Conference, Umea, Sweden, 2014.

Hanington, Bruce. “Relevant and Rigorous: Human-Centered Research and Design Education”Design Issues, Vol. 26, No. 3, Summer 2010. MIT Press.

Rohrbach, Stacie & Hanington, Bruce. “Understanding How People Work: Teaching the Value, Practice, and Integration of Human Factors in Design”. Proceedings of the University and College Designers Association (UCDA) Design Education Summit, Designing Designing: Examining How We Do What We Do, Lawrence, Kansas, June 2 – 4, 2010.

Baskinger, Mark & Hanington, Bruce. “Sustaining Autonomous Living for Older People Through Inclusive Strategies for Home Appliance Design”. In Designing Inclusive Futures. Patrick Langdon, John Clarkson, Peter Robinson, eds. London: Springer, 2008.

Hanington, Bruce. “Generative Research in Design Education”Proceedings of the International Association of Societies of Design Research, IASDR, International Conference, Hong Kong, November 12 – 15, 2007.


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